HUSUP 1 Pair Boho Vintage Gold Silver Coin Blessing Symbol Tassel Anklets Foot Jewelry

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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Material: Alloy
  • Special design will make you look unique,suitable for all ages
  • Match with vrious apparel for different occasion
  • Great for Girls and Women, Perfect Gift!

HUSUP Jewelry maintenance:

. Jewelry often replaced, the same piece of jewelry, should avoid wearing for a long time, especially in the hot summer, jewelry coating long-term exposure to sweat easy to erode, it is best to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry for regular replacement.

2. contact with chemicals, jewelry easily damaged. Bath aroma, swimming in the chlorine, salt water in the sea and so on will cause erosion of the jewelry coating, so the bath or swimming before the ornaments should be all removed.

3. Collision easy to spend, keep careful, do not overlap the jewelry, should be stored in the original bag or placed in a separate small lattice jewelry box, to avoid rubbing each other and rub the surface.

4. Do not clean the jewelry from time to time, use soft brush sweep rub jewelry surface, so that jewelry to remove the surface stains.

. Apply a layer of transparent nail polish on the metal surface, which avoids contact with the air and wears longer.