Flaming Iguanas: An Illustrated All-Girl Road Novel Thing

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Mark Butler
September 7, 2003
I bought this book based on the 11 pages available online from Amazon. Its interesting, funny in a wierd sort of way and sounded intriguing. I was looking for a kind of journey description with the funny wierd things that happen along the way.
The book started that way, with her description of how she decided to become a biker gang of one called the Flaming Iguanas and the difficulties of getting someone to go with her and why she went. I found it tedious to delve into her broken past all the time though.
FInally she got out on the road and I expected the pace to pick up a bit, but it didn't, the road stuff takes up about 5% of the book, the rest is a stream of consciousness about everything and anything. Some of its good but I found myself getting impatient after sections like 5 pages of what songs she sang into her helmet (and why).
So if your looking for a road-bike book this probably isn't the one for you, if your looking for a wild ride following a completely mixed up woman with a rough past and some very funny writing then it may be just the ticket for you.
Lauren Scaravelli
May 3, 2002
This book kicks butt.
It so funny in parts I laughed outloud. All I kept thinking was how true it all was, I mean if you decided tomorrow that you wanted to be tough and drive across the country on a motot bike, you would fall down a lot, you would be really scared when big giant trucks drove by in an attempt to splatter you on the road, and, you might even sing made up folk songs outloud in your helmet to try and keep yourself calm. Hil freekin larious, is what I think this book is. The writing is is a bit like having a conversation with someone super funny but slightly unstable. It is in your face graphic and offers no sugar coating of thoughts and feelings. There is no filter for the verbal rantings and that is what makes it great.
You will be entertained by this book. It was a very pleasent surprise. Plus the packageing is cool, you cannot go wrong. I want to go out and buy several copies and send them to all my girlfriends.
Vivek Tejuja
May 16, 2002
Erika Lopez...The name didn't strike a bell at all when one of my friends' bought it up at a recent off-line book club discussion. Then I was intrigued to know more about this author and her works. So I went ahead and puchased "Flaming Iguanas" and before I knew I was in for a rocking roller-coaster ride across US of A.
This book is about Tomato Rodriguez - who takes a cross-country bike trip on her own in search of may be something or maybe something not. Funny in bits and I laughed so hard that it made me cry...and then again there is a very subtle profoundity at play in this work .
On her journey to the road of revelation, Tomato has given me so many insights which are unbelievably hard to relate to but they work nevertheless. A great book - both as a comfy read and at the same time sneaking on you and scandalizing in all so many ways!!
Erin K. Darling
March 1, 2002
I'll tell you up front - I'm generally biased toward books about motorcycles, as an avid rider myself. But I have to say, _Flaming Iguanas_ is just outstanding. Some of it reads like free association straight from Lopez's brain, which I really got into, along with the wacky-but-usually-related-but-sometimes-not illustrations. The story is a winner, as our heroines trek around on their bikes, but it's the delving into Tomato's psyche that I enjoyed most. Well, that and the one-liners that made me laugh out loud.
Overall, just a phenomenal book, and I highly recommend it to anyone, even though people who don't know the exhilaration of riding on two wheels.
August 28, 2001
This is a pleasant and quick read with interesting illustrations and lots of them. Perfect for a summer's day when you're feeling glum. Look, this chick Tomato has never ridden a motorcycle. Before she knows it, she's her own gang riding cross country with only half the gang's name embroidered on her leather jacket. Very colorful like the cover. You gotta get this.
Aubrey Gunter
July 4, 2000
Erika Lopez's novel, "Flaming Iguanas", was a wonderful mixture of humor, feminism, and just plain truth. Through all of the main character's (Tomato) adventures on her almost-dependable bike, the reader is allowed a vivid glimpse into the histerical mind of the narrator. Through Erika Lopez's vivid imagination and intricate use of words, the reader is also able to see the transformation that Tomato makes from the beginning of her cross country road trip, to the end. The novel has a slight hint of feminism, however it is not meant to be read solely by females. The novel is quite unique in its form and content and should be experienced by anyone who enjoys an interesting story plot. The novel was very well written and the author, Erika Lopez, should be applauded for her contribution to the literary world.
August 5, 2000
As I was browsing through my local bookstore one afternoon, this little book caught my eye. The cover art was tacky, and the title was a bit on the odd side, so it seemed like the perfect book for me. When I brought it home, I thumbed through it to find even more amusing prints on the pages within. The story is a not-so-typical story, yet at the same time, it could very well be true. I could not put it down. It takes the characters through different veiws and shows their emotional changes. I enjoy weird books, and this my friends, is on my list.
March 25, 2000
This book arrived when I was suffering a bout of flu and feeling very depressed. I cheered me up immensely - I couldn't put it down, and read it in 4 hours - there are a lot of pictures in it! Erika set off on a journey that many bikers dream of, despite her naivety to motorcycling in general. The only downside to the book was that it seemed to concentrate on her confusion about her own sexuality, something I had not expected in a book about riding a bike across America. However, well worth the few dollars it costs.